BASIX Certificate: Alterations and Extensions


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This checklist lists the data that is required to complete the BASIX Assessment. Please complete the checklist below (click on the applicable boxes or type text into the white boxes).

This checklist only applies to aspects of the building that will be NEW OR ALTERED

Fixtures and Systems:

Are you installing:
a.) new hot water systemb.) new or altering light fixturesc.) new or altering taps/toilets


If New hot water system type:
a.) Solar (gas boosted)b.) Solar (electric boosted)c.) Electric heat pumpd.) Gas Instantaneouse.) Gas storagef.) Wood combustion

Pool and Spa:


Vol. of Pool (KL):

At least one of the following is required:
Pool coverPool shadedRainwater tank

Pool heating system:

Construction (New Works)

Framed (weatherboard, fibro,metal clad)Brick VeenerCavity BrickConcrete Block/plasterboardTimber (Exposed studs)

Other specify:

FLOOR STRUCTURE: TimberConcreteAAC 200mmFloating timber + concrete

Other specify:

ROOF TYPE: FramedConcrete/plasterboard internalConcrete/bane internalStructural panel (<70mm)Structural panel (70mm-100mm)Structural panel (100mm-125mm)Structural panel (>125mm)

ROOF COLOUR: DarkMediumLight

ROOF INSULATION: NoneFoil SarkingFoil + R1.0 BattsR1.0R1.5Foil Backed Blanket (55mm)Foil Backed Blanket (75mm)Foil Backed Blanket (100mm)50 mm Foil Backed Polystyrene Board


GLAZING: Single Glazed (SG) clearSG ReflectiveSG TonedDouble Glazed (DG) clearDG low E high transmissionDG low E low transmissionDG low E ArgonDG tonedCustom


GLAZING FRAME: AluminiumSteelTimberAlum./Thermal BreakPVCCustom

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Additional plans:

Additional plans:

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