Introduced by the NSW Government in 2004, BASIX (the Building Sustainability Index), ensures homes are designed to use less water and be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions by setting pre-determined energy and water use targets for single and multi-dwellings.
The BASIX Certificate is required to accompany the development application for all new homes or for extensions/alterations greater than $50,000 in NSW. The BASIX Certificate will list all of the water and energy commitments agreed to with the building and will be inspected by the Certifying Authority prior to issuing the final Occupancy Certificate.
The BASIX Certificate will be accompanied by a NatHERS Certificate (see “Thermal Performance Assessment” tab for more information). The NatHERS Certificate will list the building and insulation specifications.

The NSW Department of Planning charge a fee for the BASIX Certificate. This is as follows:

  • Single dwelling: $50
  • Extension/Renovation:$25
  • Multi-Dwelling: $80 for first 2 and $35 for each additional dwelling
  • Flats/Units: $120 for first 3 and $20 for each additional dwelling
Before the BASIX Certificate is generated, a draft BASIX Report will be sent to you for review and approval. Any changes are then made and the BASIX Certificate generated and emailed to you for submission with your Development Application to Council.

BASIX checklist for new dwellings (NB: please also submit a ‘NatHERS Energy Assessment’ checklist if you require an energy assessment – see ”Thermal Assessment (NatHERS)” tab)