Q. What is the minimum energy rating for my state?

A. This varies per state. The current requirements by state are:

VIC; QLD; SA; TAS; ACT: 6 Stars

NT: 5 Stars (Class 1 and 10)

NSW: Minimum heating and Cooling load based on the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX). See further information below on BASIX.

Of course, the higher your star rating, the lower the energy requirements for heating and cooling your home.

Q. How is the price for an assessment determined?

A. The price is determined on a project by project basis and will be based on design complexity, house size, number of dwellings. Once we receive your house plans, a fixed price will be provided.

Q. What is the BASIX Certificate?

A. Introduced by the NSW Government, BASIX (Building Sustainability Index), ensures homes are designed to use less water and be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions by setting energy and water reduction targets for houses and units.

It is a mandatory component of the development approval process in NSW under the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Therefore, all Develeopment Applications must be accompanied by a BASIX Certificate which confirms compliance with BASIX requirements.

Q. What information is required for an assessment?

A. Please refer to the “Checklist” that can be downloaded from this website. The link is located on the left hand side of this page. This checklist should be completed and sent to us to ensure all required information is sent to us in order to provide an assessment.

If your question was not answered above, please email us at enquiries@sustainablethermalsolutions.com.au and we will gladly respond promptly with an answer.

In summary, we require the following information:

  • Site and floor plan with north point indicated
  • Elevations and terrain
  • Window and door sizes
  • Type of materials used for the building (walls, floors, insulation, windows, ceilings etc)

Plans and specifications can be either emailed (enquiries@sustainablethermalsolutions.com.au) or mailed. If emailed, please send in PDF format. If mailing, please send 2 copies of each plan.