JV3 Assessment

JV3 is an alternative solution to the traditional method of the ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ (DTS) approach for non-residential buildings.
JV3 uses a reference building (ie. ‘target’) to compare the total energy consumption to that of the new commercial building. Compliance with Section J of the BCA is achieved if the annual energy use of the proposed building is less than the reference building (determined with DTS).
The total annual energy use is calculated using building simulation software (Energy Plus) which has been certified and approved by the ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board) Protocol for Building Energy Analysis Software.
JV3 is the equivalent of the modelling of residential dwellings using NatHERS software.

The benefits of JV3 alternative assessments are:

  • Provides more cost effective solutions for new buildings by identifying areas where costs can be reduced and energy performance increased.
  • Provides a more holistic approach eg. a fail in the glazing on one elevation can be compensated elsewhere in the building with increased insulation in the building fabric.
  • Greater flexibility in regards to design, glazing choice & building materials.